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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the biggest package delivery organization in the world that provides over 15 million packages every day and also offers supply chain management solutions. The company also operates its air cargo and airline delivery service. It also operates a website. You can find information on most convenient and affordable shipping and freight, company news, software, tracking, services and employment information. As a member, you will get quick tools to find locations.

My UPS is a portal where you can access login settings, profile, account summary, billing, administration, address book, mobile solution and maintain your account.

Register/Sign In:

  • Visit the web address from your web browser.
  • Click “Log In” link to begin the application.
  • Provide username and password associated with your account.
  • Hit on “Log In” blue button.
  • Access your account and manage service as per directions.
  • You can also use your Facebook account to log in UPS account.

What To Do If You Forgot Your Username Or Password?

Click “Here” to access the desired page.

  • Provide the requested information to apply for a new password.
  • Enter your User ID.
  • Provide e-mail address.
  • Select “Submit” button.
  • The company will send you an e-mail with a temporary password.

To Request A User ID:

  • Provide your e-mail address.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.
  • You will get an email with your forgotten User IDs.

Sign Up For An Account:

If you are using this website for the first time, sign up for a new account.

  • You will see “Register Now” button to start the registration process.
  • Complete the form with your data.
  • Login Settings: you have to create a user ID and password.
  • Enter your full name in the first field.
  • Provide your email address. You will receive information about current services.
  • Re-enter your email ID for verification.
  • Create a user ID. You need your username to log into your account.
  • Pick up a password for your account.
  • Re-enter your password to confirm accuracy.
  • Review technology agreement.
  • Click the checkbox to acknowledge agreement. You can also download the document.
  • Hit on “Next” button.

Contact Information: In next step, you need to provide the contact details.

  • Select account type: personal and business
  • Personal Profile: click the down arrow to choose a country.
  • Enter address line 1, address line 2, and address line 3.
  • Type the name of your city.
  • Choose the name of the state.
  • Provide ZIP code.
  • Enter telephone number.
  • Select language preferences.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.

Account Benefits:

Register now for your account and start taking advantage of the following perks:

  • Easy access to your shipping history
  • Track your details anytime as needed
  • Time-saving features
  • Get international shipping services
  • Create My UPS Address Book
  • Get customized shipping preferences
  • View account summary
  • Maintain account

UPS My Choice:

Through my choice, you can enhance your home delivery experience. Members will receive delivery alerts for all available home deliveries. You can redirect or reschedule if you won’t be home to receive the delivery. Sign up for an account to manage your home deliveries and organize your time.

Members have several terrific features. Become a “My Choice” member now and start receiving exclusive benefits. You will be able to:


  • Home delivery that fits your life
  • Making package delivery more convenient
  • Sign for packages online
  • Receive proactive delivery alerts
  • Reschedule home deliveries
  • View incoming shipment information

Rewarding Features:

Vacation Options: Members can redirect the delivery to UPS Access Point location.

Security Code: Members can provide a code for their UPS driver.

Upgrade: Participants can upgrade SurePost packages to ups ground, and Premium Members can get a free upgrade to “Ground” for all available packages.

UPS Billing Center:

You can you can view and pay your bill online at billing center. The payment process is quick, efficient and secure. Customers will experience safe process, faster invoice requests, and concise information.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Several services provide a money-back guarantee for shipping duties. Some warranties may not apply or due to unexpected weather events or during heavy delivery periods.

USP Mobile:

You can now get all services and features when you are on the go. Save time and never miss the opportunities. Now you can access UPS My Choice, track and ship packages, calculate delivery time, search location, email shipping labels, upgrade, and get quotes and more with a click on your mobile phone.

No matter where you are, stay in the loop, even when you are e on the move.

You can use the web-enabled devices and smartphone o install:

App for iPhone

App for Android

Kindle App

iPad App


Get these apps to receive alerts right to your mobile device no matter where you are.

Email: If you have a non-urgent question that can wait for a response then send an email.

  • Visit link.
  • Provide information in the online form.
  • Enter your name.
  • Type an active email address.
  • Choose support category and topic.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Complete the action following further directions.

Contact Customer Service:

Call to talk to a team member if you need help quickly for issues like tracking questions.

Phone numbers:



International shipping: you can contact by calling at 1-800-782-7892



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