www.Upsers.com – Access UPS Employee Login Account Online

UPS is a source of freight, shipping, logistics, and supply chain management solutions and offers services in more than 220 countries around the world. It is the biggest package transfer corporation in the world and delivers more than 15 million packages on the daily basis.

www.Upsers.com website is designed to provide services to employees of the company. Through this online network, personals can access information associated with their pay stubs and payroll online anytime as required.

  • Personnel can use their official accounts for direct deposit. They can manage their account and pay stub with ease and even change direct deposit particulars.
  • It is the best and reliable source to get news about the company and its functions. Information about compensation benefits, special discount, and other rewards are available through a valid login. Sales managers can follow sales leads online.

Eligibility Criteria For A Valid Access: 

  • Access is provided to all UPS active and inactive employees.
  • Login is valid retired employees in the UPS Retirement Plan.

System Requirements:

A Supported Internet Browser is required.

  • You can use Chrome 34 or higher.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or greater is supported.
  • Firefox 28 or advance can be used to access account.

Beta versions of browser software are not supported.

Log In Requirement:

  • You must be an employee of the company.
  • A valid user ID is required. Your User ID is your Employee ID given on pay stub.
  • PIN you use during your registration is needed to log in to UPSers.com.
  • Contact your employer to get employee ID.


You need to follow the prompts as described below to access employee account.

Let’s get started.

  • First, you have to visit the website by following the link that is www.Upsers.com from your web browser.
  • The link will take you to the employee log in portal.
  • Once on the page, you have to fill out the blank fields with requested information for a successful login.
  • First, you need to choose preferred language. Select a language in which you want to continue and receive communication.
  • In next field, you will be prompted to provide the login ID or employee ID. Remember, this ID is different from social security number.
  • Next, type a valid Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a one-time password you create in the registration application.
  • Click “Login” button.

Forgot Your Password:

  • Visit UPS login password reset page.
  • Provide your user ID in given space.
  • Click the “Submit” button.
  • Next, you have to answer your challenge questions correctly.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password.

You must answer correctly in three attempts, after the third failed attempt, your account will be locked.

  • If your account is blocked, wait at least 15 minutes and try again. Or, complete the necessary information in Technical Help format to request information.
  • The relevant user ID you used for login is your employee ID, which is not your Social Security Number. The employee ID is unique; you can find on your pay stub.

New User Registration:

Registration information will be used to authenticate your account if you forget your password.

  • Visit the login portal, if you are using this site the first time you need to register.
  • Select your language preference.
  • Provide User ID and PIN,
  • Press the “Log In” button.
  • Read Terms and Conditions and acknowledge these terms to continue.
  • Provide an e-mail address.
  • Create your Challenge Questions and answers.
  • Create a password for your profile.

You have to provide this info only once. You may change your e-mail address password, and challenge questions information at any time.

Employee Benefits:

The company offers a complete range of competitive benefits and compensation programs to workers and works to meet their hopes compensation benefits, healthcare plans, and comprehensive total payment packages available for everyone.

Full-Time Paybacks:There are full benefits for part-time staff members. Hourly employees are tracking full advantages from medical coverage to tuition support to help them in educational development,

Tuition Assistance:  Education support is available to:

  • Full-time non-union workers
  • Part-time union personnel
  • Part-time management team members

Health and Wellness Programs: Employees will get medical, life insurance, work-life balance, sickness & accident insurance programs, prescription drug program, healthcare spending accounts benefits.

Rewards and Savings Programs: Special discounted stock purchase plans are offered to associates. Employees can buy stock through 401(k) plan.

Attractive Salaries: Company offers extremely competitive total rewards plans and hourly salaries and wages and managers incentive programs.

All this information about benefits is accessible through a valid employee login at UPSers.com.

Contact Details:

  • United States: You can contact customer service by calling at 888-553-1118
  • Canada: call at 1-888-UPS-TECH (1-888-877-8324) to access help desk.

You can contact these numbers to get work-related data, payroll, and pay stub information.

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Use UPS Tracking & Get Updates On Your Shipment Status

Now you can get updates on your delivery status with ease. All you need is a valid UPS Info Notice or tracking number to get updates. Become a UPS My Choice member for even more convenient services. Apply to your existing account or Open a UPS account to get details and track packages and freight.

Track BY Number:

What is tracking number? UPS spontaneously allows a tracking number to your consignment to catch and trace shipments as they transfer using the UPS system to their endpoint.

UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Numbers:

Identify and track shipments as they move through the network and USPS which makes the ultimate supply. With your tracking number, you can:

  • Look up your UPS Mail Innovations on both upsmi.com and ups.com.
  • These tracking numbers vary from a small package reference number in terminology and length.
  • You cannot use the same ID for other mail items for minimum six months.

Online tracking:

  • Go to UPSers Online Tracking from your web browser.
  • You will see a Track by number” option at the left-hand side of the page.
  • Choose this option and enter 25 tracking or info Notice number in the given space.
  • Hit the “Track” number.
  • Read terms and conditions you have to accept all conditions.

Track By Reference Number:

First, choose shipment type:

Select “Package” option for letter delivery or single package.

  • Enter reference number. This reference could be a:
  • Phrase that identifies that shipment
  • Customer number
  • Purchase order (PO) number
  • Bill of Lading number
  • Company name
  • Choose delivery date range.
  • Identify the shipper account
  • Click the down arrow to choose destination country
  • Provide destination ZIP/postal code.
  • Click the “Track” button.

Select “Freight” for your palletized or non-palletized shipping movements.

  • Enter reference number.
  • Choose shipment date range.
  • Identify the shipper account
  • Click the down arrow to choose origin country and provide ZIP/postal code.
  • Select destination country from the list.
  • Provide destination ZIP/postal code.
  • Click “Track” button.

Select “UPS Mail Innovations” for flat mail pieces or single item packages.

  • Enter shipment reference.
  • Select date range.
  • Provide destination ZIP code.
  • Click “Track” button.

Track By Email:

  • Send your tracking numbers via e-mail to totaltrack@ups.com.
  • This feature is not available for freight shipment tracking
  • Import tracking number:
  • Log on or register on UPS.com to import tracking numbers.
  • If you already have an account, log in now.
  • Click “Log in” link.
  • You will access the login portal of the site.
  • Enter your account ID.
  • Provide your password.
  • Hit on “Log In” button.
  • You can use social media like the Facebook account to log into UPS.

New User:

  • Register now and access time savings features.
  • Click “Register Now” button.
  • Fill out the form with accurate details.
  • Enter your full name.
  • Provide your email address to get e-communication.
  • Repeat your email address.
  • Create a user ID.
  • Make a password and save it for your profile.
  • Repeat this password for verification.
  • Read agreement given on that page and click the box to show your consent.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Complete your registration and start using services.

SMS Tracking: Subscribe for the text message to receive information on the status quickly and efficiently.

Opt In:

You must join the service to begin tracking.

  • Access the “Tracking Detail” section.
  • Select the option that marked “Notify Me With Updates” to opt in.
  • Next, pick up “SMS Text Message”.
  • Provide your mobile number.
  • You will get a confirmation shortly.

Once opted in, no need to validate your application again except you select leave the service.

Track On The Go:

  • You can get information anytime anywhere.
  • Send a keyword and tracking number to your local SMS number.
  • You will receive a response with your valid shipment information. If you are not subscribed for text messages, you will automatically enroll in the SMS notifications program.

UPS My Choice:

  • Click “Sign Up For UPS My Choice” button.
  • Press “Get Started” button and complete registration.
  • Already a member? Log in with account ID and passcode.

You can access:

Delivery Alerts: You will get alerts via email in your inbox or message directly on your phone.

Sign Online: Allow to deliver your posts without a signature when you are available to receive.

Driver Instructions: Instruct UPS driver where to deliver your packages if you are not home.

Hold For Pick Up:Make arrangements to collect your package from the location.

Delivery Planner: You can handle your home shipments with a suitable online calendar.

Change Delivery: You can ask for variation in delivery. You can ask to deliver to another address, on another day.

Enroll today and get tracking information and know when your package is on the way.


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Explore UPS Employment Opportunities

UPS provides supply chain solutions and package delivery services internationally and keen to innovate new methods to make industry work well smarter and faster. The company manages from complex global delivery systems to local supplies. UPS employees carry your packages on time for billions of customers every day across the oceans and borders.

Job Opportunities:

The company offers a huge range of possibilities in career areas, browse jobs online and select a post that suits your expertise, interest, and your dreams. Whether you are in search of your first work or the next step in a stretched vocation track, UPS has work openings for you.

Career At UPS:

The company is looking for passionate, hardworking and reliable people who are ready to turn concepts into effective business practices. All employees at UPS has the possibilities to grow exposure to a huge choice of openings and training programs.

You can find careers and job opportunities around the world. The company operates career center with innovative techniques, supportive colleagues and incredible technology.

Explore UPS Jobs:

Search jobs and manage your application and other employment forms online with ease. Work on your career goals and apply today.

Follow the instructions to search a post and apply online. It’s easy and convenient.

  • Start a job search by visiting jobs-ups.com link from a web browser.
  • You will see search fields in the middle of the page.
  • Enter keyword (optional).
  • Identify a location where you would like to work.
  • Hit on “Search” button.
  • Pick up a job title of your interest.
  • Click “Apply Now” button.
  • Read job duties and responsibilities and requirements.
  • Click “Apply Online” green button.
  • Review privacy agreement and hit the “I Accept” button.

Login: To access your account, identify yourself by providing the information requested in the login fields.

  • Provide your username.
  • Enter password associated with your account.
  • Press the green “Login” button.

Set up your profile: If you are not registered yet, press “New User” button.

  • Follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Complete all mandatory fields.
  • Create a username.
  • Enter a password and save it for your account.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Hit the “Register” green button.
  • Now sing into your account and complete job application.
  • Join Talent Community:
  • Enter your email address. You will receive relevant information about the job, new openings and more.
  • Provide ZIP/postal code. You will get alerts about opportunities in your area.
  • Identify the area of interest.
  • To get job alerts, choose a category and location.
  • Select a term from the suggestions and press the “Add” button.
  • Click the “Sign Up” button.

Browse Jobs By Map:

The specific opportunities available at a given place can change every day, so you should check the website frequently to check if a job you are interested in has available.

  • Submit your job applications online, if you are considered for the post when an opening does appear, the company will contact you for an interview.
  • See the date and time of your appointment through application center. Use your personal pass code to see the desired information.
  • Your passion and hard work will be rewarded at every level. Opportunities and benefits are equal for part-time employees with full-time benefits.
  • You can change your role any number of times.

Religious Accommodation Request:

  • Check out the minimum qualifications for the job, reference to the appearance guidelines.
  • However, the company has created a Religious Accommodation practice to confirm and handle requests for sacred space.
  • If you think that you cannot fulfill the requirements according to your spiritual faith, inform the management and submit religious accommodation application form.
  • Applicants can request changes to any condition of employment such as appearance guidelines and uniform according to the religious practice or belief.
  • Your application will stay active for minimum 60 days from the date you submit it.

Apply For A Contingent Position:

You need to provide some information including

  • Full social security number (SSN
  • Date of birth (DOB).

Submit An Inquiry:

  • Fill out the difficulty completing job inquiry form at ups.managehr.com/contactus.aspx?Purpose=JOBINQUIRY
  • Enter your full name.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Enter details on the nature of your question in the given form.
  • Click “Continue” button.
  • Complete the application and send it online.

To see a particular location of interest and job opportunities are available there. For assistance dial 1-888-877-3808 and get information about a particular place of interest and employment opportunities. For more details, read service terms and conditions, terms of use of the site, privacy notice, and equal employment opportunity statement.


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Create UPS Internet Shipping & Save Up to 18% For Your Business

Online shipping options are much easier and convenient. Through internet shipping, you can print shipping labels, pay for shipping, look up shipment progress, and schedule a pickup online. Dispatch individual packages or you can set up a bill of lading for delivery. You just need addresses and goods information to create slip.

Register now and start saving. You can save 18% for your business.

Create Shipping Online:

  • First, you have to visit  UPS Internet Shipping link.
  • Click the “Create A Shipment Now” button to proceed.
  • Log in with your ID:
  • If you already have a profile, log in and continue.
  • Enter your ID in the first field.
  • Type your password.
  • Click the “Log In” button. By logging in you agree to the technology agreement.

Create account:

  • Click the “Register Now” button.
  • Create a login: set up your user ID and password.
  • Enter your full name.
  • Type your email address.
  • Re-enter your email address.
  • Create a User ID.
  • Set up a password.
  • Re-enter your password for verification.
  • Read agreement terms carefully and accept all terms by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click “Next” button.
  • Enter contact information in the online form.
  • Choose the type of your account.
  • Enter in your details in blank spaces to create a personal profile.
  • Select country name from the drop down menu.
  • Type your address line 1, address line 2, and address line 3, city name, state and ZIP code.
  • Provide your telephone number.
  • Choose language preferences.
  • Press the button marked “Submit”.

Fill out the form with shipping information to ship as a guest. If you don’t already have an account yet, you can register after your shipment is complete and save your address to your profile.

Ship As A Guest:

Where Is The Shipment Going?

Enter a new address in the online form.

  • Provide your company name and contact information.
  • Enter in address line 1, address line 2 (Apartment, building, unit, suite, floor, etc.), address line 3, (Department, c/o, etc.), city name and state.
  • Provide your ZIP code.
  • Enter telephone number.
  • Provide your email address to receive excommunications.

Identify The Location Where The Shipping Is Coming:

  • Enter company name and contact information.
  • Leave your address line 1, address line 2 (Apartment, building, unit, suite, floor, etc.), address line 3, (Department, c/o, etc.), city name and state, ZIP code, telephone number, and email address.
  • Provide a valid return address.

What Are You Shipping?

  • Click the down arrow to choose a number of packages.
  • Choose packaging type.
  • Enter in declared the value. Added shipping charges may apply based on the value.
  • Say “Yes” to set the same values for all packages.

How Would You Like To Ship?

  • Select services.
  • Add reference numbers to this shipment.
  • Enter payment information
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Schedule a pickup.
  • Click “Next” button.

Follow further steps to complete this application. The information you enter will be transmitted using a secure connection.

Shipping Options:

Shipping is more than distributing your posts or heavy freight. Shipping is getting your things to the right residence on time.

Create A Shipment:Setup your delivery online by logging in to existing account or as a guest.

Use Shipping Calculate:You can get right rate and delivery time calculation. Sign in to access your account.

Schedule A Pickup:

  • Leave a message to a contact person through email at the requested pickup location.

View History:You can access shipping history and tracking details anytime you need it.

Create A Return:Just log in to your account.

Void A Shipment:You can quickly cancel an unshipped package. You can cancel your delivery through history within 90 days of creating your label online.

  • Select “Shipping: at the top of the page.
  • Choose “View History or Void Shipment” option to continue.
  • Click the checkbox next to the package.
  • Hit on “Void Shipment”.

You have done! Contact helpdesk to request a void after 90 days. The request cannot be sent after 180 days.

Shipping Resources:

Open Your Account: Order Supplies: You will get free UPS supplies including packaging, forms, and labels. Supplies are available online.

View Service Guide:You will get the perfect solution for your every need.

Use International Tools: Use the advanced tools to manage shipment internationally in a timely, competent, and compliant manner.

Find the location: Use the search engine and online map to search a place.

Rate charts: You can quickly view zone and price charts.

Go for internet shipping and get the delivery solutions that right for you in across the country and around the world.

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Create My UPS Access & Manage Your Account

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the biggest package delivery organization in the world that provides over 15 million packages every day and also offers supply chain management solutions. The company also operates its air cargo and airline delivery service.

www.ups.com: It also operates a website. You can find information on most convenient and affordable shipping and freight, company news, software, tracking, services and employment information. As a member, you will get quick tools to find locations.

My UPS is a portal where you can access login settings, profile, account summary, billing, administration, address book, mobile solution and maintain your account.

Register/Sign In:

  • Visit the usps.com web address from your web browser.
  • Click “Log In” link to begin the application.
  • Provide username and password associated with your account.
  • Hit on “Log In” blue button.
  • Access your account and manage service as per directions.
  • You can also use your Facebook account to log in UPS account.

What To Do If You Forgot Your Username Or Password?

Click “Here” to access the desired page.

  • Provide the requested information to apply for a new password.
  • Enter your User ID.
  • Provide e-mail address.
  • Select “Submit” button.
  • The company will send you an e-mail with a temporary password.

To Request A User ID:

  • Provide your e-mail address.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.
  • You will get an email with your forgotten User IDs.

Sign Up For An Account:

If you are using this website for the first time, sign up for a new account.

  • You will see “Register Now” button to start the registration process.
  • Complete the form with your data.
  • Login Settings: you have to create a user ID and password.
  • Enter your full name in the first field.
  • Provide your email address. You will receive information about current services.
  • Re-enter your email ID for verification.
  • Create a user ID. You need your username to log into your account.
  • Pick up a password for your account.
  • Re-enter your password to confirm accuracy.
  • Review technology agreement.
  • Click the checkbox to acknowledge agreement. You can also download the document.
  • Hit on “Next” button.

Contact Information: In next step, you need to provide the contact details.

  • Select account type: personal and business
  • Personal Profile: click the down arrow to choose a country.
  • Enter address line 1, address line 2, and address line 3.
  • Type the name of your city.
  • Choose the name of the state.
  • Provide ZIP code.
  • Enter telephone number.
  • Select language preferences.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.

Account Benefits:

Register now for your account and start taking advantage of the following perks:

  • Easy access to your shipping history
  • Track your details anytime as needed
  • Time-saving features
  • Get international shipping services
  • Create My UPS Address Book
  • Get customized shipping preferences
  • View account summary
  • Maintain account

UPS My Choice:

Through my choice, you can enhance your home delivery experience. Members will receive delivery alerts for all available home deliveries. You can redirect or reschedule if you won’t be home to receive the delivery. Sign up for an account to manage your home deliveries and organize your time.

Members have several terrific features. Become a “My Choice” member now and start receiving exclusive benefits. You will be able to:


  • Home delivery that fits your life
  • Making package delivery more convenient
  • Sign for packages online
  • Receive proactive delivery alerts
  • Reschedule home deliveries
  • View incoming shipment information

Rewarding Features:

Vacation Options: Members can redirect the delivery to UPS Access Point location.

Security Code: Members can provide a code for their UPS driver.

Upgrade: Participants can upgrade SurePost packages to ups ground, and Premium Members can get a free upgrade to “Ground” for all available packages.

UPS Billing Center:

You can you can view and pay your bill online at billing center. The payment process is quick, efficient and secure. Customers will experience safe process, faster invoice requests, and concise information.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Several services provide a money-back guarantee for shipping duties. Some warranties may not apply or due to unexpected weather events or during heavy delivery periods.

USP Mobile:

You can now get all services and features when you are on the go. Save time and never miss the opportunities. Now you can access UPS My Choice, track and ship packages, calculate delivery time, search location, email shipping labels, upgrade, and get quotes and more with a click on your mobile phone.

No matter where you are, stay in the loop, even when you are e on the move.

You can use the web-enabled devices and smartphone o install:

App for iPhone

App for Android

Kindle App

iPad App



Get these apps to receive alerts right to your mobile device no matter where you are.

Email: If you have a non-urgent question that can wait for a response then send an email.

  • Visit ups.com/upsemail/input?loc=en_US link.
  • Provide information in the online form.
  • Enter your name.
  • Type an active email address.
  • Choose support category and topic.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Complete the action following further directions.

Contact Customer Service:

Call to talk to a team member if you need help quickly for issues like tracking questions.

Phone numbers:



International shipping: you can contact by calling at 1-800-782-7892



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